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COVID-19. Due to the pandemic it is no longer possible to try out and/or return flutes.

My flutes are based around Baroque and Roccoco one-keyed flutes including A.Grenser, C.Delusse, Beaulieu and G.A. Rottenburgh. Construction techniques and materials are based as close as possible to the original instruments.
I do not try to make copies of the originals but always incorporate some personal design into my work. Each and every flute I make is unique.
All my flutes are made from a variety of well seasoned woods like African Blackwood, Mopane, Rosewood and Olivewood. They are provided with a brass or silver key fitted with a phosphor bronze or blue steel spring. Some flutes feature a screwcap and/or a register foot.
They can be made in plain wood or decorated with artificial ivory, artificial tortoise shell, artificial horn or silver.
Depending on the model the flutes are available at modern pitch (A=440 Hz), baroque pitch (A=415 Hz) or low baroque pitch (A=392 Hz)
All prices include a softcase and shipping by registered mail within the European Union.
All flutes are delivered with a fingering chart and maintenance instructions.
All flutes in the gallery are for sale and immediately available. Ordering a flute is not possible.
Important notice: due to CITES export outside the EU of wood species like blackwood and kingwood is no longer possible. Please inform before buying.

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