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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update : 23 Oct 2023.

Do you make copies of historical instruments?

No. Unlike most makers of early flutes I do not copy the originals rigorously. However I try to keep as much as possible of the original features. The bores of my flutes for instance are exactly the same as the original flutes. But I consider myself to be a creative person and therefore it is hard for me not to let my imagination work and make something 'different'.

Do you have soundsamples of the flutes in the gallery?

Yes, just click on the little under the big pictures, and you'll hear me performing some little piece.
Customers are invited to send me their own sound samples of performances on my flutes. I'd be more than happy to put them on my website !

Can I order a flute or do you sell only what is in the gallery?

You cannot order a flute. I only sell what's available in the Gallery. These flutes can be shipped immediately after payment.

What about pricing?

Prices are indicated in the Gallery.These include a softcase and shipping costs within Europe. Non-Eurozone customers will be asked an extra to cover additional banking and shipping costs (please inquire). If you want your flute shipped by Fedex or any other carrier, contact me for a quote.

What about guarantees and warranties?

Sorry, at my prices I cannot afford to give any.

Can I try before I buy?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic trying out flutes is no longer possible, much to my regret.

How do you ship?

I use Belgian Registered Mail. If you live in Europe your flute will take about 3 to 5 days to arrive. It will be well packed. If you like another way of shipment, just ask ( all costs are for the buyer anyway...)

How do I pay?

Ah, very important. I only accept payments in euro by international money transfer (or hard cash). In Europe the quickest and cheapest way is to pay by Eurotransfer using BIC and IBAN codes. In the rest of the world it might be a little more difficult. I do not accept checks or Western Union or ancient Roman coins or shells. Not sure of the exchange rate of your dinarii to euro?Click here!

Why are your flutes so cheap?

They are not cheap, they just don’t cost a lot! I'm an amateur flutemaker. I don’t have to make a living out of flute making. All I want for the moment is to finance my flute making by selling flutes. Wood, materials and equipment are not for free unfortunately.

What do people find of your flutes?

Let’s see...

“I just got the flute this morning and I am very pleased with it. It looks very nice, clean, well-made. I also appreciate the quality of the etui and the little wooden box with grease. I played it for a few minutes only. It seems to be very easy to play and I like the sound too. “
C.D. (Bourglinster,Luxemburg)

”Wow! just got the flute today! It's an incredibly beautiful piece of work! Luc, you are an artist, everything went perfect, just wanted to tell you that, and thank you again for this beauty.”
F.S.C. (Barcelona, Spain)

"Yesterday evening your traverso arrived. It is a wonderfull instrument (and it actually looks even better than on the pictures). I really had to force myself to stop playing it after ten minutes... Thank you very much."
T.H. (Berlin, Germany)

I have 'misplaced' your fingering chart.Can you send me another copy ?

Go to the homepage and download it yourself. It saves a stamp.

What if I have a Not Frequently Asked Question?

Hey, this is the 21st century, mail me!